The brain and how the brain and the mind influence the body

Not only does the mind control the body but it can also influence the body itself through changes in the brain.

The body is a living being that moves. It is made up of cells and molecules (a lot of which are made up of water) and yet moves and reacts and responds. I have been pondering on this the last few days and thought it is worth sharing.

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The last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about the physicality of the body and how it is made up of cells and molecules. Sometimes when I think about this I can’t help but say that the body is more of a machine than an organic living being. As a mechanical being it has a way of responding to stimuli and then changing to adapt to those changes. One of the most obvious examples of this is when we sit or lie in bed, we have no idea what is going on with our body and muscles and the body is changing to accommodate our movements. We also know that our legs, hips, spine etc. are changing and adapting to the movements of our bodies. Then there is our stomach and the changes are visible when we take a look at our stomach. To make this a little clearer, let us look at an example. Imagine that you have a hammer in your hand.

muscles and the body

The hammer is made up of a bunch of tiny pieces. Now in this hammer you have a piece that you use to hit a nail into a plank. After hitting the nail into the plank you then hit it into the plank again to mark it. Over the years, in this plank you have added so many nails, you now use it to hold pictures and cards. One day you realise you are holding a bunch of pictures and then the next you realise you are holding a bunch of cards. In this example we are talking about a simple case of “adaptation” in a simple physical example (where the hammer has no cells or cells which are made up of cells). This kind of change is not too uncommon as far as life on earth goes and it will continue as long we stay fit and strong by exercising out bodies.