How to develop a strong and well-anchored core

This is what makes you a strong and stable athlete. Your core is the center of gravity of your body, and without it, you'll struggle to maintain balance, movement, and speed.

This is important to note, because most people have a poor core, and I have to tell you, that's not good for you. The best way to build a strong, stable core is by building these four key muscles: Sit up tall and tall through the spine, with your head up and your neck muscles contracted.

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Keep your shoulders loose and down, pointing toward the floor, and your arms relaxed by your sides. Your hips should be stacked over your shoulders and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, creating a straight back. Your back should be rounded and sloped toward the legs. There should be a clear space between your head and your feet. Do you feel this space? Now we want to work on your chest, which is often overlooked. This is the most overlooked muscle of all. The chest can be a strong, powerful, and quick muscle in your upper body. This is also where you'll have a tendency to drop your shoulders, so make sure you build up the strength of this important muscle. Keep in mind: The chest is the core of the upper body.

major muscle

The chest is a major muscle, so make sure you use it. The chest helps you to create speed and power. When you work out, focus primarily on the chest, because if you do the right things, the chest should be one of your strongest muscles. One of the major problems many people have is to get a proper upper body workout, so if you're having trouble building up the strength try to learn how to jump rope first.