How to avoid chronic pain and injury by avoiding imbalance

The more severe the injury or problem might seem to be, the more likely it is that the body is responding too strongly to what is happening.

This can cause the body to attack the pain by over-reacting to the symptom. This causes a cascade of symptoms, including: muscle stiffness and tenderness in the injured area muscle stiffness and tenderness in the injured area.

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The severity of the pain or injury will depend on the type of pain and the injury. You may be able to relieve some of the symptoms. But in many cases, you need to seek medical help. There are many causes of pain and injuries, and they vary from cause to cause. Some pain in the body is the result of trauma — a sudden blow to the body. This can cause a tear in the tissues of the body. Chronic pain and injury, however, can be due to other causes.


Chronic pain, after all, is a symptom of disease. Once you identify the cause of your pain, you can take steps to eliminate it. A good example of the type of chronic pain and injury is arthritis of the shoulder.